Interior demolition is known as “soft demo” in the industry, but there is nothing soft about it! Commercial and industrial buildings often require a complete retrofit for modern uses, and this can include removal of ceiling grids, wallboard, carpet/tile, cabinetry, bathroom/kitchen fixtures, lights, and even the walls and doors themselves. 

Our experience shows, and has proven vital to our success, as our company is repeatedly awarded one high profile project after another. We have been privileged to work on many of our recent projects because of our highly diversified specialties which include shoring, work within confined or restricted structural openings, elevator and escalator demolition, and removal of large mechanicals.


We specialize in renovations and realize the demands of the markets. Whether it’s a open store remodel or off hours operation we are well versed in both.


Demolition is Alta’s primary focus. Our project engineers and estimators provide proactive solutions and competitive estimating services to meet any task while our project managers and superintendents ensure a level of safety and professionalism unmatched in the industry. From selective structural demolition to decommissioning of entire sites Alta has the experience to plan and execute your project on time and on budget.


Before construction can begin, most job sites require removal of trees, brush, dirt, and debris. Count on Alta to clear your site and remove unwanted materials. Our extensive experience with road and bridge projects makes us the ideal contractor to perform site clearance at inconvenient or hazardous locations such as highway medians, cloverleafs, and viaducts.


Our capabilities do not stop at demolition; our operators are skilled earth movers as well. Alta’s capacity to perform demolition and then the subsequent foundation/site preparation maximizes your resources and reduces your subcontractor coordination efforts. Alta performs mass excavation, grading, structural excavation, tight access excavation and backfill.


Not all demolition is done with a sledgehammer and a wrecking ball! Sometimes, a fine touch is needed. Alta performs concrete cutting for residential and commercial buildings. Services within this specialty include:

  • Wall Sawing for the placement of new man doors, roll-up doors, windows, etc;
  • Slab Sawing to install service trenches, remove footings, or remove damaged sections;
  • Core Drilling to provide for pipe, conduit, service ducts, drainage, etc.
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